Megan + Cody’s Napa Valley Wedding

From warehouse to wonderland! This Napa Valley wedding wins the award for biggest transformation we’ve done yet! When bride-to-be Megan Balestra came to us with a tractor warehouse for a canvas, we knew we needed to paint pretty! After 9 months of planning and designing, the Christie Rose team knocked it out of the park. The warehouse was transformed into a wonderland, and Megan and Cody had their dream wedding in the serene fields of wine country.

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Nora + Nader’s Beverly Hills Wedding

When we first met Nora, we loved her sweet personality and her love of all things beautiful. She’s the kind of bride that you can see right into her beautiful soul–and when she described her dream wedding to us, we already had it designed in our heads. We loved Nora because they completely trusted us to create their dream wedding! She didn’t even need to come to the floral or design meetings, because she had so much faith in what we would choose. As wedding designers, that’s the ultimate compliment from a bride! Most brides need guidance and help generating ideas, but they still want to be at every meeting! Nora was an angel of a bride, so when we met Nader, we were not surprised to find that this guy is the ULTIMATE gentlemen, and quite frankly, an amazing human being. They were a delight to work with from beginning until end, and we will always remain good friends with these two special people!

Their wedding took place at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. They chose the color of royalty (purple) and every detail in the design was absolutely perfect. We had 8,000 crystal and satin bands hanging from the ceiling which was quite the installation! The SLS was so great to allow us to come in days before hand to make the room picture perfect!

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.35.23 AM



SLS Hotel Wedding



Christie Rose Events Beverly Hills Wedding


Nassim + Matt’s Wedding at St. Regis Monarch Beach

Matt and Nassim are the Iranian version of Barbie and Ken. What’s even better? They are the kindest people you’ve ever met, with a love as deep as the ocean. You only have to be around these two for 5 minutes before you can tell they are soulmates and a match made in heaven. We worked with Matt and Nassim for almost 2 years to create their DREAM day, and it was a day that was surreal, as if it was heaven on earth. The St. Regis Monarch Beach is a setting made for royalty, and together with Square Root Designs, we created a ceremony and reception that would impress royalty. They wed on a beautiful June evening overlooking the Dana Point ocean with their best family and friends in attendance. It was the perfect wedding with a dream team of vendors, including Kelly O’Dell from the St. Regis, Alex and Sarah from Square Root Designs, Brian and Allie from Callaway Gable amongst Katie, Michelle and me from Christie Rose Events.

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Lara + Doug’s Destination Wedding In Capri, Italy

Destination wedding in Capri Italy

We are so excited to announce that Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine picked up our destination wedding in Capri, Italy. As a wedding vendor, this is equivalent to winning an oscar! This gorgeous wedding could not have been more picturesque. We had quite the dream team as our owner and lead planner, Christie Rose, planned and designed the wedding to perfection.  “With inspiration everywhere, the designing came fluidly. We wanted to incorporate the gorgeous Italian landscape infused with the couple’s’ bright personalities.  The bride, a self proclaimed girly girl, wanted to infuse blushes and pinks but did not want the wedding to be feminine, as to honor her groom.”

Justin from Justin Lee Photography was there to capture the story of the entire trip. If you want a photographer that truly pours his whole heart into his work, Justin Lee is your guy. We cannot say enough nice things about him and his team! His images speak for themselves as he takes a unique approach to portraiture by coaching his subjects to get the perfect shot.

Married at Augustus Gardens and celebrating at Hotel La Palma, our beautiful bride and groom sealed their love and commitment to each other before fifty of their closest family and friends. Complete with a serenade from an Italian guitarist and a pack of tourists following the bride and groom. To top off the night, we planned a wild after party as we turned a part of the ground floor of the hotel into “Club Lara and Doug.” Steven Tyler even bid the newlyweds his best wishes as he made an appearance later in the evening.

Many compliments to Cristina of Hotel La Palma for her dedication to making this wedding the best possible experience for our bride, groom and all of their guests.

Scroll to the bottom to watch a video of a look at the behind the scenes journey!

Complimenti and many baci e abbracci, Lara and Douglas!

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