by Christie Rose York

When 50 of your best friends come to one place to celebrate your little baby to be, it’s nothing short of magical. Chris and I had been trying for some time before we discovered that we were having a baby, so the fact that we were pregnant was all the magic we needed. We had no idea what was in store!

When it came time to discuss the baby shower, my sisters and best friends decided they wanted it to be a complete surprise [just like the gender of the baby!]. Little did I know that they drew inspiration and the theme of the baby shower around a story I had told them around month 5 of my pregnancy. While I was unpacking a memory box that my mom had dropped off at my house, I uncovered something very special to me. It was an acrylic star that my late grandmother, Grace, had given to me when I was born. The star was engraved with “A STAR IS BORN” followed by my full name and birthdate. I kept this star on my dresser my whole life and as a child, I always felt so special that my grandma thought I was a star. When my grandma died, I kept this star especially close as it was a reminder that she was with me. When I found the star halfway through my pregnancy, I needed strength and I needed to know everything was going to be okay, and I immediately felt a sense of peace and that my grandmother (and God) was watching over me and this pregnancy. It was this story that gave my sisters and friends the idea to throw a “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” themed baby shower. They said that since Christie was the star, the baby is now “our little star.”  

When I walked into the baby shower at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel that day, I was brought to tears. They crowned me with a floral crown made of mimosa flower which they explained is the token flower for motherhood (#heartmelt). My best friend had made a huge wood cut-out star to emulate the star my grandmother had given me. I plan to write the baby’s name and birthdate on the star once the baby is born and hang it in the nursery. Every detail was absolutely perfect, including toasts from both of the baby’s grandmas about how much they are going to love him or her as well as a hilarious play dough baby making contest. Guest favors featured star-shaped custom cookies by Lauren Lowstan, beautiful florals by Nisie’s Enchanted, the most gorgeous linens from Young Song at Wildflower Linens, rentals from Above the Top and of course stellar planning by Michelle, Katie and Lauren of Christie Rose Events and my amazing friends and family.

Story told through photos by the incredibly talented Sposto Photography. Thank you, Shauntelle for capturing this very special day so beautifully.

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My reaction when I saw the heartfelt touches poured into the shower!

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32 weeks pregnant!

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Christie York Favorites-0013

Debbie is so excited to be a grandma! Giving a toast here to her first grandchild, complete with props and all.

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“Roma” gave a beautiful toast that will be placed in the Baby Book!

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Holding the star my grandmother gave me when I was born!

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Michelle did an incredible job planning this dreamy shower!

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Coooooper’s first photo with his cousin. Coop will be 7 months older!

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The most wonderful grandma’s this baby could ask for!

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Auntie Michelle Mear, Grandma Rosemary Sperry, Auntie Danielle Sperry, Auntie Katie Coffey. Cousins Cooper and Aiden (and Baby Mear in Michelle’s tummy)

The little star will be born very soon and is already so loved by everyone!

Incredible team of vendors:

Photography: Sposto Photography

Venue: The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel

Floral: Nisie’s Enchanted

Linens: Wildflower Linens

Chairs and Chargers: Above the Top Party Rentals

Planning: Michelle, Lauren and Katie with Christie Rose Events

Favors: Lauren Lowstan with A Sweet Savory

Styling and Giant Star: Costa Cabana

Balloon Art: Wild Child Party

Floral crown: Petals and Pop Shop

Hair and Makeup: Stacey Alyson Artistry




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