Megan and Darren’s Wedding at Marbella Country Club

Planning Megan and Darren’s wedding was nothing short of dreamy. She’s the kind of bride that you wish every bride could be like–the most genuine, sweet yet smart and sensible woman. Megan also has impeccable taste–so we were excited when she shared her vision with us, because we knew we could make it spectacular. After about 8 months of planning and designing, Megan and Darren wed on a beautiful summer evening at Marbella Country Club in San Juan Capistrano, California. With a ceremony on the lawn and an elegant reception at the club, guests were mesmerized by the transformation of the club and the beautiful floral, amazing food and intricate wedding cake. Best of all, Megan and Darren’s sweet hearts and amazing love shined through with every detail. These two will always remain near and dear to our hearts!megan_darren_0008_01050615744286 megan_darren_0012_01050654134860 megan_darren_0036_01050648353616 megan_darren_0038_01050632712985 megan_darren_0072_01050631884928 megan_darren_0154_01050755400489 megan_darren_0180_01050745494235 megan_darren_0383_01050847931738 megan_darren_0421_01051130994259 megan_darren_0469_01051123291111 megan_darren_0485_01051100134861 megan_darren_0562_01051145478610 megan_darren_0610_01061217697408 megan_darren_0625_01061242134972 megan_darren_0633_01061200025544 megan_darren_0764_01060131462986 megan_darren_0776_01060134588048 megan_darren_0800_01060151056736 megan_darren_0866_01060142400485 megan_darren_0980_01061037103610 megan_darren_0984_01061058337985 megan_darren_0985_01061017509870 megan_darren_0997_01061005963058 megan_darren_0994_01061001072734megan_darren_0759_01060147713001 megan_darren_0730_01061220322362 megan_darren_0769_01060114478611 megan_darren_0588_01061202322485 megan_darren_0057_01050642759861 megan_darren_0051_01050643587990megan_darren_1005_01061042306802 megan_darren_1007_01061022884859 megan_darren_1024_01061007306736 megan_darren_1074_01061103681741

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